• Why does my piece look different than the picture on the website?

We do our best to represent our bracelets as they are. Do keep in mind though, that these are A to AAA quality stones. We use nothing less. They are 100% natural. This means, there may be variances between the image and the actual piece you receive, due to the natural and organic nature of the beads and the variances that occur due to natural veining as the stones form.

  • Can I wear my jewelry in water, can I get it wet?

We do not recommend getting the bracelets wet. Our pieces do have the reputation of being quality and durable pieces. At the end of the day, the better care you take of your bracelet, the longer it will last for you.

Please see Bracelet Care & Wear section at the bottom of our website for more information.

  • Which jewelry size should I buy?

We publish two size ranges: one for women and one for men. The closures are woven and can be adjusted within the stated range to cover a wide range of sizes for both genders. Please see How To Choose section in the main menu of our website for more information.

If you feel we can assist you further, please feel free to reach out to us. We will do our best to assist you.

  • Can I wear more than one piece of jewelry at once? Or can I use multiple crystals at once?

Our crystal energy healing bracelets are stylish by design. They can be unobtrusively worn, to enhance contemporary styles. They can be worn one at a time, or stacked to achieve a modern look.

The Styles can be interchanged to boost particular properties needed for a particular healing necessary, on any given day. 

  • How do I choose a crystal to use or wear?

Allay makes it easy to choose your Crystal Healing Energy Bracelet.

Please refer to our “How to choose section” on the main menu bar of our website.

  • I just received my crystals. Now what do I do?

The gemstones in your bracelets have been traveling for a while before arriving to you. Therefore, they have probably picked up on other energies, so they need to be cleansed and reactivated upon arrival to you, and on a regular basis depending on use. This will take your energy stones back to a clean state where they can do what they do best. 

  • How do I cleanse my crystals?

Although it is not necessary to cleanse your gemstones every day, if you sense the gemstones are not as strong as when you first wore them, repeat the cleansing process again. There are numerous ways to cleanse and clear your energy stones. Because your energy stones are set in a jewelry setting, Allay specifically recommends a safer dry salt-cleansing method in which there is no direct contact with the piece.    Dry Salt Cleansing Method (link) see below.

  • What are intentions? How do I set an intention?

An intention refers to the aim or plan you have in regard to your Crystal Healing Energy Bracelet. Depending on the bracelet or bracelets you have chosen, you want to unleash the power and properties of the healing energies

Contained in your Bracelet. Please refer to our “Program Your Allay Bracelet” on the main menu bar of our website.

  • How do I actually use a healing crystal?

Allay has simplified the process as much as possible. We suggest you visit the main menu on our website allaybracelet.com, where it outlines “How it works”, “How to choose”, etc… If you follow the process from left to right, by the time you are done going through the steps, you should have acquired a basic understanding of how to activate and use your crystal healing energy bracelet. Don’t forget to also read the information that accompanied your bracelet when you received it.

  • What wrist should I wear my bracelet on?

Healing crystals should be worn close to the body, which is why Allay has woven them into a bracelet to be worn on your wrist. It is preferable that they are worn on your non-dominant side. For example, if you are right-handed, wear it on the left, in this way you can acquire the full benefits of the healing gemstones.

  • I got my crystals and have had them for a couple days now. Why aren't my crystals working?

Cleanse and re-program your bracelet. The healing gemstones on your bracelet have been placed in an energy recipe, however, the bracelet is a tool that will use the gemstone’s tiny crystal networks to help center you and ground you. The potential of the bracelet comes from programming the intention, and the commitment behind that intention. The bracelet’s purpose is to use it as a tool so that your spirit or your energy will enable you to bring about the purpose of the bracelet. Concentrate on the intention and try feel how you will feel when the purpose of the bracelet comes to fruition. This will align the intention with the bracelet and your energy.

  • What does a broken crystal mean?

If a crystal broke because it was dropped or hit up against something, there is no significant meaning to this. If you experience a propensity to drop or bump into things, it may be due to being ungrounded; or it may be indicative of something else. You might want to consult with a healthcare professional.

If crystals are exposed to extreme temperatures, albeit extreme heat or cold, they can crack for what may appears to be as no apparent reason. Extreme temperatures can cause internal splitting. It is recommended that crystals be kept away from sources of extreme temperatures, such as a fireplace or an AC vent, for example.

If indeed a crystal seems to have broken for no apparent reason, it is possible it may be indicative of the disarming of negative energy or the dissolving of bad Karma. This may be a blessing and nothing to worry about.